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Frequently Asked Questions

Didn't you do this last year? And a number of years before. 2017, 2016, 2015 (broken, but all the images are there), 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008.

Why'd you do this? When I was a kid one year I got a chocolate Advent Calendar. A picture of a little town with 25 little doors in it, and each door had a number, each day you could open a door and get that day's piece of chocolate. Each piece was shaped like a different Christmassy thing - you know, a tree, a star, a nutcracker, etc. I freaking LOVED that thing. I mean, cheap, stale, shitty chocolate would've been good enough, but I really dug the mystery of wondering what the next day's shape would be.
Every year we get my sons, Milo and Elliott, advent calendars, more or less like the one I remember, and it is a high point of their year.
Also, when you do something for long enough you get used to it, and then it seems like a good idea.
Bottom line, I thought it would be cool and fun to do, and I mostly still think that. I hope you like it.

Did you know Leslie? She used to do Advent calendars, and this makes me think of her. I did not know Leslie Harpold, but she was a dear friend of many people who I know. I didn't know about her Advent calendars until I made mine, and my impression is that they are really not very similar. It isn't my intent to reference her work, and it isn't my intent to compare what I am doing with what she did, but if it brings you fond memories that is great by me. I certainly mean no disrespect.

So, you're, like, really religious, huh? Not at all. I am in no way religious. Other than the words "advent" and "christmas" this is a completely secular endeavour. I love Christmas, I really do, but I don't believe in Jesus any more (or less!) than I believe in Santa Claus. But why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

So, you're, like, mocking Jesus, huh? Not at all. But if my non-belief is uncomfortable for you feel free to seek your internet amusements elsewhere.

I'd like to send this to my 5 year old niece. OK? Um. There's probably nothing actually offensive on this thing (other than the fact that I say "shit" several times in this FAQ. Oh, and I say "buttmunch". too), but my drawings can be a little weird and, honestly, at the time of this writing I am not done with all the drawings, so maybe one will be a giant turd or something. Unlikely, but it's possible. You know little Grizelda better than I do, you make the call.

How does it work? You can click a number, corresponding to the date, and see all the dates up till that point. You can only see the dates that have come to pass, so no opening Christmas day on the 5th of December, and so forth. I have even put in some security measures to ensure that it would be hard (but not impossible, I reckon) for someone to cheat and see future dates' images.

How does it work, in a more technical sense?Poorly! For real, this stupid thing is fairly brittle, poorly implemented, and inefficient. It's kludgey .asp that generates a nightmare of a nested table based layout full of animated .gif's and a few inline styles. There's even some shitty JavaScript. Really, it's like a perfect storm of bad web design. Ho ho ho!

This is stupid. Merry Christmas to you too, buttmunch.

I remember some other wacky thing on dirtdirt.com but I can't find it So, I had a terrible little spell of luck, a non-renewed credit card, a disc crash and some email mislabeled as spam and lost everything on dirtdirt.com except for the advent calendar. I had been updating it since 1998. Hundreds or thousands of hours of work. All gone. Some bits remain, in much less interactive form, on the wayback machine, and other internet archives, but I lost so so much. It was pretty devastating. Anyway, yeah. That's why you can't find whatever it is you are looking for. I'm sorry too.

Can I ask you a question? That's a question already. But yeah, sure. dirtdirt at gmail.com.

This looks screwy on my Amiga (or whatever). Sorry.

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